There are various stages in aid distribution. Below shall we brief them in order. .
Aid Distribution Stages.
1 Application Raised.
2 Verification by Local Representative and allocate registration numbers.
3 Comments by Local Coordinator.
4 Send to DMMWA Secretary for Registration.
5 Referred to DMMWA Sub-committee for Initial Scrutinisation.
6 Submission to DMMWA Executive Committee for approval.
(The application maybe rejected by the committee due to insufficient information and notified to the local coordinator -  file closed).

If the application is approved, necessary funds shall be arranged along with acknowledgement form.

8 Notify the decision to the Local Coordinator.
9 Funds received by the Local Coordinator.

Disbursement through Local Representatives.


Acknowledgement by the applicant.

12 Submit the receipts to Local Coordinator.
13 Receipt from Local Coordinator back to DMMWA.
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