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A land that satiates an intelligent tourist , Indian ,as well as foreign. For, this small land , its every nook and corner , has got its own wonderful story to tell, which keeps your eyes wild with awe and excitement.

If, as a French Tourist has once reveled in , there is any place in India that makes and keeps its own history as a beautiful legend, that is Mahe fantastic blend of Myth and Mystery.

Mahe is a tiny point in the geographical map of Kerala, the million earner for the distant Pondicherry Government . In this former small French Town, over 36,000 inhabitants live in peace .This petit French Town is situated just between Badagara and Thalassery. 58 kilometers from Kozhikode, 24 kilometers from Kannur in Kerala and is a busy trade centre.

Mahe was under the yoke of French Rule for over 233 years. They began to rule Mahe from the year 1721. The people of Mahe achieved freedom on 16th July 1954. Which is to say that even after India achieved freedom Mahe was still under the foreign yoke.

Never in the history of Mahe, has there been a skimish over religion. Nor has there been any feud over politics.

Maheyans breathe Malayalam as their mother tongue. Mahe's features are geographically one with Kerala's . They keep a different culture and manners too. Reminiscent of the French one , thousands of miles away.

More often than not, beautiful French words and phrases squeeze themselves into the colloquial slangs of Mahe Malayalees. Like, "Bonjour, Comment Ca Va Monsieur?"

There are those who still speak French without any grammatical mistake, with astonishingly Parisian pronunciation. Mostly they are youngsters. They bubble out wits in French among themselves.