Kumaran I.K:
   Born on September 17,1903 in Mahe; Son of Iraye Kuinger, a wealthy toddy shop licensee and Cunnathedathil Korumbi, studied up to Intermediate at Tallicherry; was primary school teacher for a few years; possessed some family lands; sympathised with the 1930-32 Civil Disobedience Movement; arranged Mahatma Gandhi's visit to Mahe in 1934, along with Dr. M.K. Menon; founded the Mahe Youth League subsequently; resigning his job as primary school teacher, he became president of Mahe Mahajana Sabha party in 1937; was Mahe correspondent of Mathrubhumi, for which he was given a meagre allowance; participated in the 'Quit India' movement and was imprisoned; was instrumental in organising the Khadi centre, Adult Education centre, Free Gruel Centre for poor, Hindi class, the Union of Weavers, the Union of Fishermen and the Union of Public Works department's workers; prime mover of the independence struggle in Mahe after August 15, 1947; key figure in Mahe revolt and Head of the Free Mahe Government formed after the collapse of French rule in Mahe in 1948; strategist of the final struggle for freedom of Mahe in 1954; was elected municipal councilor of Mahe after independence in 1954; became member of the Pondicherry Legislative Assembly; quit politics later on and became active in the Bhoodan and Sarvodhaya Movements; was imprisoned, fined and even attacked physically by his opponents many times; staunch prohibitionist, stubborn ascetic and a man of few needs; died on July 26, 1999; buried in his residence in Mahe; hailed as ' father of independent Mahe' and even as 'Mahe Gandhi'.

Barathan C.E:
Born on April 5, 1916; educated at Mahe English High School and in Government Brennen College, Tellicherry upto intermediate level; Son of C.E.Gopalan, lawyer, notary and also Mayor of Mahe for some time, awarded the title of Chevalier de le Legion d'Honneur By the French government ; One of the early activists of the Mahe youth league; was Secretary of Mahe Mahajana Sabha since its inception; courted arrest during Quit India Movement and was imprisoned along with I.K.Kumaran in Bellary; closely connected with several labour unions in Malabar; One of the national level leader of INTUC, trade union under the leadership of Indian National Congress; was member of the Free Mahe Government in 1948; elected to the Pondicherry Legislative Assembly after independence in 1954 and became a Minister in Goubert's first ministry in Pondicherry; known for his organising capacities; died on March 21,1976.

Raghavan Mangalat:
Son of Mangalat Chandu, born on 20th November,1921 at Mahe; a pure product of French education in Mahe at the Ecole Centrale; chose journalism as a profession; worked as a journalist for the prominent Malayalam Daily ,Mathrubhumi from 1942; became chief sub-editor of Mathrubhumi later on; correspondent of the Indian Express and the Deccan Herald for sometime; participated in the Quit India Movement, was arrested and molested at the notorious Malabar Special Camps at Chombala and Badagara; Secretary of the Mahe Socialist party, a unit of the Indian Socialist party under Jayaprakash Narayan; played a prominent role in the Mahe revolt and was sentenced in absentia to 20 years imprisonment by the French court; member, Free Mahe government, 1948; member, Action council and Free Mahe Administrative Council in 1954;an ideologue of the Mahajana Sabha party; frequent contributor to Malayalam journals; poet, writer, translator and scholar in comparative literature, with several publications; winner of the Kerala Sahitya Academy Award and several other prizes for his Anthology of French Poetry in Malayalam; ardent admirer of French literature and culture; lean, medium-sized personality; progressive thinker and refined intellectual; still engaged actively in literary pursuits; lives presently Tellicherry near Mahe.

Padmanabhan Muchikkal:
Born on 24 July 1914; son of Kannan studied at Ecole centrale, Mahe and the Colonial College in Pondicherry; became teacher of the French Educational Department; was connected with Mahe Youth League and Mahajana Sabha in its initial stages; later became ardent communist; well-versed in Marxist literature, he contributed regularly to communist journals; was the guiding spirit behind the Mahe Communist party; arrested and jailed by Madras authorities while teaching in Karaikal in 1948, which led to his dismissal from service by the French India Government for some times; following the split in the Communist movement, he became an active leader of the Communist Party of India; author of several books; died on 1st may 1982.

Raman P.K:
Born in 1916; studied in Mahe English school; cloth merchant; a staunch Congress sympathizer; working committee member of the Mahajana sabha; Active participant in the 1948 Mahe Revolt and the 1954 Freedom Struggle; was member of the French Mahe government in 1948; member of action council and Free Mahe Administrative Council in 1954; Founder of Sree Krishna Bhajana Samathi; the temple and Cultural centre known for his organising capacity; elected to Pondicherry Legislative Council on Praja Socialist party ticket.

Sisupalan Paramel:
Born in 1916; Son of Gopalan; hails from a fairy well-to-do family; educated in Mahe and Pondicherry; Mahajana activist; Professor of French at the Ecole Central, Mahe; organised the fishermen's union; participated in the Mahe revolt; left Mahe after the October revolt; sentenced to 20 years hard labour and 1000 francs fine in abstentia; dismissed from service for indulging in anti-French activities; an ideologue of the Mahajana Party; left Mahe after the 1948 revolt to accept job in Indian union; revels in French revolutionary literature; posted as translator in Indo-China along with his wife for about a year; Lecturer in French, Indian Military Academy, Poona; retired in 1980 after 33years of service; an enthusiastic, fair and medium sized personality; lives presently in Mahe town.

Usman Kelotte P.K:
Born on 8th September 1924 at Chalakkara in Mahe; Son of Hydros, merchant and Khadija; a small landholder; educated at Mahe French School known as 'Ecole Centrale'; a self taught Arabic and Hindi scholar; staunch nationalist from student days; was Arabic teacher at the Government French school at Palloor; ardent socialist; was Congress socialist party leader in Naluthara; withstood cajolation and threats from Pakistan supporters; was the first person to be arrested in connection with the Mahe revolt of 1948, in his classroom by French soldiers; had to undergo lockup repression; underwent 5 years rigorous imprisonment in Mahe jail, which was a damp dungeon adjacent to the Mahe river; dismissed from his service as teacher; participated in the final struggle for the liberation of Mahe in 1954; was brutally attacked by military police and pro-French gangsters, which impaired his health irreversible; he was again sentenced to jail for 3 months, which left him a physical wreck with his back-bone affected; died at Vellore Christian Medical College Hospital following back-bone operation on 23 March 1958; founded the Abdul Rahman Memorial Library in his native village Chalakkara in Mahe; re-instated as teacher by the Pondicherry Government after independence in 1954; an intrepid patriot; known popularly as 'Usman the Martyr' throughout Mahe.

Barathan Michilotte:
Son of Michilotte Kumaran alias Govindan, born in 1920; educated at Mahe English High School and Government Brennen College, Tellicherry, upto intermediate level; was merchant; joined Indian Army during the second world war and served as officer; after demobilisation he joined Mahajana Sabha; member Free Mahe Government in 1948; brother of Michilotte Madhavan who was shot dead by the Nazis in occupied France; recruited as sub-inspector of Police after independence in 1954, retired as Circle Inspector.

Kumaran Paramel:
Born on 24 September 1914; Son of Kochappan; hail from humble background; educated in the Ecole Centrale of Mahe; became active worker of the Mahajana Sabha; was vice-President of the Mahajana Sabha; participated in Mahe Revolt; sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in abstentia; later was merchant at Parakkal; lives presently at Badagara near Mahe.

Raghavan Kumayya:
Son of Chattoukutty; born in 1919; educated at Ecole Centrale, Mahe and Calv'e College, Pondicherry; Brevet El'ementaire diploma holder; merchant ,tobacco licensee; played a prominent role in the 1948 Mahe revolt and the 1954 liberation struggle; became clerk in Revenue Department after 1954; died on 7th August 1994.