Our Activites

To develop the SENSE as a regional center of CIGI & as a NGO (not only career field but also all development programmes)

Other Objectives

  • Create awareness about career guidance among the minority community.
  • Create awareness about the importance of govt. job among the minority community
  • Awareness building about value oriented education among all community.
  • Aware the parents about their role in their children's education.
  • Develop the Resource Person at Mahe area.
  • Refresh the teachers in their duties in present education system.
  • Popularization of the Psychometric Tests, especially among poor people.
  • Self-realization of the SENSE (Income Generating Programmes).

Target Groups

Students, Teachers, Parents, NGOs, Mahalls, Govt. Authorities (Kudumbashree, Literacy Mission …)

Our Goals

The overall goal of this project is to support the community members to achieve better lifestyle and general well being of members of target area as well as the better educational empowerment for future generation for active participation in Governmental and National development.

Our Targets

  • To reduce school failure and school dropouts in deprived areas,as this is a major determinant of poverty and misguidance to the adolescents.
  • To ensure 7th standard educationas minimum learning level. To increase the number of students who enrol for graduation.
  • To reduce unemployment rate in the target areas through empowering the available human resources to move self sufficiently for gaining and maintaining a job, required by their skills and qualification.
  • To develop students centered inclusive modules and to provide relevant training to students and other stakeholders in order to address their performance gap.
  • To ensure the increased number of government employed persons in all categories from each target area.
  • To increase the subscription index and readership indices of employment news magazines.
  • To enable the youth to initiate and involve proactively in social and educational endeavors of the society.
  • To empower women population to take up creative role in positive social development as well as to take effective involvement in child up bringing process.
  • To bring hopeful changes both in societies attitude towards education and in level of awareness and motivation on education and employment.
  • To empower local social leaders to enable them to participate more proactively and effectively in community developmental programmes.