Our Vision

“A community where people living in harmony with everyone, who are all educated to their optimum potential , empowered by the career of their choice, driven by spiritual values and committed to the upliftment of all irrespective of caste,
sex and religion”

Our Mission

  • Education should not be deprived of to anyone due to ignorance or poverty.
  • Information access on educational and vocational opportunities.
  • Create and enabling a value based environment for continuous improvement of self, for people of all age, by evaluating their strength and weakness.
  • Develop a human climate which will promote all humanistic values.

Our Goals

The overall goal of this project is to support the community members to achieve better lifestyle and general well being of members of target area as well as the better educational empowerment for future generation for active participation in Governmental and National development.     Read more


  • Established in the year 2005
  • Registered as a NGO
  • Mr. Shajeeurehman - MSW Graduate as a career guidance consultant Employed by sense on full time basis
  • Ms. Vipina - Graduate - as an Admin. Assistant employed by SENSE on a full time basis
  • A medium sized library equipped with referral books for major courses.
  • A full fledge conference /training hall equipped with multimedia equipments
  • Auditor - Mr. Kumara Bhat , Chartered Accountant, Tellichery.